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The Fairlawn Hotel


Fairlawn has been a family run Hotel since 1936 and has been under the management of the present family since that time. Our aim has always been to make our guests as comfortable as we can Most of the guests who stay at Fairlawn are intrigued with it’s past. The building has been shaped by the hands and minds of generations of families whose memories and influences have contributed to the unique character of the old place.

Since 1783 Fairlawn has stood on the junction of Madge Lane and Sudder Street, the heart of the most cosmopolitan and vibrant area of the city and within two minutes walk from the famous New Market area. (“New” meaning over 100 years old, compared to Fairlawn, a whippersnapper of a building) About the same distance away, past the Indian Museum, is the Park St Metro station, Park St itself is just beyond.

The Hotel is defined by its idiosyncrasies. Should you need the impersonal semi perfection of a large chain, it exists elsewhere in the city. However, for a stay that you will cherish as much as your trip to India, this is the only place for you. Colonial charm and décor and a potpourri of styles ranging from it’s past, combined with modern facilities and home comforts mark; the place as unique.

Sitting in the lush greenery of the garden or on the terraces, one can easily drift off to any period in the last 200 years, the props are all around you, and they are the real thing too.
Vi Smith describes the hotel as her obsession, it has been her life’s work. A personal investment and active interest in her guests comfort, experience of the city and her enthusiasm for the business mean that you are in good hands. In an age when service now means someone just reading the “Have a nice day” and “You’re welcome” script, the personal touch is profoundly noticeable and indeed very comforting.

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