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Shahpura Bagh


One of the predominant luxury hotels of Rajasthan, Shahpura bagh is a place where you can rest, refresh, and revive yourself. A destination you can come home to…

A trip into Shahpura reveals the town’s rich multi-cultural vibrancy and its fascinating arts and crafts tradition. Sit with the Joshis and watch a traditional Phad, a painting depicting mythology and history, come to life.

Visit Ram Dwara, the revered ancient temple. The old city palace reveals the integration of Rajput & Mughal traditions in architecture while the geometrical symmetry of the baoli (stepwell) inspires a serenity that lingers.

Explore the many goods on sale in the marketplace. Get a leather mojari, or local footwear, made to your size. Understand the local people’s way of life, mingle with artisans and farmers and innocent children…

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