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Not many tourists would think of the deep interior of Tamil Nadu as a perfect vacation spot. A blessing, of course, for the rest of us.

Chettinad is a place for those who value lost grandeur over glitter, who choose  elegance over excitement and who would much prefer an evening’s walk  through history’s shadows to a night at the nearest club. Deep in the heart of Southern India is a secluded land of gracious mansions, dating back a half-century and more. And a culture of vigour and trade, rooted in the ancient soil of Chettinad, yet open to the four winds of the world.

In Visalam, it’s as if we found an old lamp, waiting to be burnished and relit. And it illuminates a cultural treasure trove of rare beauty.

Chettinad in a Glance

Life at Visalam and the ancient Chettinad legacy. For more videos, do check out our youtube channel.

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